Who We Are

Tuna Champions are recreational SBT
fishers who:

  • respect the fish and are willing to adopt better ways of fishing
  • value the fish by learning how to prepare the meat well
  • contribute to what we know about SBT
  • encourage their fishing mates to do the right thing.

Tuna Champions use the best fishing practices for SBT…

Like knowing how to catch, handle, keep, release and prepare SBT to make the most of every fish caught – and to give those released the best chance of surviving.


Tuna Champions is an initiative of the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation in collaboration with the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania. It is funded by the Australian Government through the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Become a Tuna Champ - Take the tuna Pledge

I do solemnly swear to catch, handle, keep or release southern bluefin tuna as safely and humanely as possible – and to prepare it well, so no fish is wasted.

Share your love of tuna

Whether you're keeping or releasing it, tell us what makes bluefin special to you.

What I like about SBT:

What appeals to me about Tuna Champions:

My hot tip for fishing or preparing bluefin is:

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