Be a Tuna Champ

Being a Tuna Champion means doing it better and knowing more about what you’re catching. These videos show you how small moves make a difference.


Is your fishing gear up to the job? Are you using gear that will the minimise impact on the fish? Are there things you can do to avoid degrading the quality of the flesh if you’re keeping it for eating – or to improve its chance of survival if you release it? Here are some good practices to follow.

  • How to replace treble hooks with single hooks on hard body lures   Watch video


Poor handling techniques can affect the welfare of the animal, reduce its chance of survival if released, and affect flesh quality if you plan to keep it to eat.

  • Find out how to handle bluefin – from reducing fight times to releasing it, and even for that photo opportunity: SBT Code of Practice
  • Stay tuned for our bluefin handling video!


Find out why and how to dispatch, bleed, gut and cool bluefin for the ultimate bluefin taste – and so no fish is wasted…

  • Catching a tuna to eat for the recreational fisher   Watch video


Releasing fish reduces the impact of fishing on populations – and that means better fishing for everyone. Find out how to reduce stress and damage to bluefin when you handle and release them, so they have a fighting chance of surviving…



Do you know how to prepare a bluefin to get the most out of each fish? See how the masters do it!

  • How to butcher a whole tuna: every cut of fish explained  Watch video

Tuna Champions - prepare

Photo: David Hall


If tagging is done properly and recorded accurately, tagged fish provide useful data for researchers. A tagged and recaptured fish tells a story about movement, growth, and sometimes natural mortality rates across the population.

You can help researchers get useful data from a tagged fish, by tagging and recording information correctly and handling and releasing the fish with care. Reporting on any recaptures of tagged bluefin also provides a rare opportunity to learn more about these iconic fish

  • Find out how to tag a fish in the SBT Code of Practice
  • Follow Tuna Champions on Facebook or Instagram for our regular Tuna Travel Tales… where did that bluefin go?
  • Discover more about these highly tuned swimming machines, their ocean-scale migrations, and why tagging is the best way to collect the data researchers need to understand more about them: Playing tag with tuna in the Bight (Ecos)

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