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Meet our Ambassadors, pick up some hot tips on the best fishing practices for SBT  and even find out how to channel your inner chef. Let’s go!

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Geeveston TAS
How long your bluefin will last depends on how you handle it. If it's a beautifully-handled iki jime fish, it can last more than ten days in the fridge.
Geeveston TAS
You can tell if a fish has been flapping around on the deck - the muscles have been burning up, so the flesh is not as clear, you can see the blood in it and it doesn't taste as good. When you immediately use a spike to the brain, the fish stays still and the meat is better quality.
It is best to fillet it straight away in a clean environment, then chill it and let it rest for a day or two. That way you get the full flavour of the meat. There's many ways to eat bluefin. My favourite is as sashimi with fresh soy sauce and fresh wasabi, and I like to keep the cheeks and sear them for my breakfast!
Patrick D
@patrickdangerfield @reeladventuresshow
Geelong VIC
I love tangling with Southern Bluefin Tuna because they are big, fast and fiesty - the true athletes of the sea.
Patrick D
Geelong VIC
When using hard body lures to target SBT, I prefer to have them fitted with single J-hooks. Because there's less chance of straightening a hook on a big fish, less chance of damaging the fish if I'm going to release it - and less chance of damaging me.
Scott G
Southwest Victoria
Catching multiple SBT in an outing is common in southwest Victoria, so many anglers practice catch and release - which means looking after it so it survives.
Scott G
Southwest Victoria
I use a large landing net with a soft silicone bag, which helps control the fish when landing it and prevents damage to its skin and scales.
I also use single hooks on all my stickbait lures – they’re easier to remove from the fish, cause less damage to its mouth, and reduce bleeding. This means the fish spends less time out of the water before release and has a better chance of surviving.

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Become a Tuna Champ - Take the tuna Pledge

I do solemnly swear to catch, handle, keep or release southern bluefin tuna as safely and humanely as possible – and to prepare it well, so no fish is wasted.

Tune up your tuna skills

Tune up your tuna skills

Being a Tuna Champion means using the best fishing practices for Southern Bluefin Tuna – and encouraging others to do the same. Small actions make a difference.


Are you familiar with iki jime humane fish-killing practices?


Do you have the right fishing gear to catch big fish and is it in good condition?


Will the fish you release have the best chance to survive?


Are you leaving the fish in the water when possible, and handling it with care?


Do you know how to make the most of the meat you harvest and not waste the fish?
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What's on

Our events align with the Southern Bluefin Tuna’s migratory path around Australia, from Western Australia to NSW via South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania – not necessarily in that order.

Here's what’s coming up in your state…

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Apollo Bay Seafood Festival
Feb 15, 2019
This festival champions the local fishing community, the world-class seafood sourced from local waters, and the rugged beauty of this coastal town...

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Hooked on Portland
Jan 26, 2019
The 'Hooked on Portland' festival returns this Australia Day weekend to celebrate this fishing and tourism hotspot...

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Portland Hooked on Tuna
Mar 30, 2019
The Hooked on Tuna competition is held each year, traditionally over 5 weekends in April (dates to be confirmed).

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