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Meet our Ambassadors, pick up some hot tips on the best fishing practices for SBT  and even find out how to channel your inner chef. Let’s go!

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Paul W & fam
@ifishtv @ifishchick @jetreef
Cranbourne VIC
I love fresh SBT - but look after that delicate flesh the second it hits the deck! Bleed and gut it then stuff it with ice to lower the core temp.
Paul W & fam
Cranbourne VIC
Eat as much of the fish as you can without freezing it. If I freeze it, I soak the fillets in marinade for 6-12 hours in the fridge, then vac-seal and freeze. It's almost as good as fresh and lasts at least 4 months without spoiling.
CRISTY: Once you find tuna on the sounder, keep working the area. You'll eventually get a bite window. It’s better than leaving fish to try and find fish. JET: Try to match the colour and size of lures to what the fish are feeding on at the time. The stomach contents of a fish you keep are a clue for your lure choice.
Stuart N
Eaglehawk Neck TAS
SBT have been a big part of my life for 20 years. I still love taking customers out to experience catching this amazing fish.
Stuart N
Eaglehawk Neck TAS
When the fish are on, it gets very exciting on deck, with multiple rods going off at once. Among the frenzy, I remind customers to think about how much meat they want to take home, to only take what they'll use, and to release other fish to fight another day.
There's no point landing every fish if the meat will go to waste. It's the best of both worlds - an amazing experience catching these hard-fighting fish and taking home just the amount of meat that can be kept in good condition so it's all enjoyed and not wasted.
Lee R
@leerayner @leeraynerfishing
Melbourne VIC
If you're going out to catch SBT, take the right gear. With super light tackle you have to fight them too long.
Lee R
Melbourne VIC
Most people would have two sets of treble hooks or event two singles on a lure, but it's better to use single hooks if you're letting SBT go. Our hook up rate is exactly the same when we run a single hook on the lure - and the fish don't get damaged.
I'd rather just keep one or two 20kg school fish we can deal with on the boat. Because if you can't kill them, bleed them, gut them and put them straight on ice it's just not worth keeping them.

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Tune up your tuna skills

Tune up your tuna skills

Being a Tuna Champion means using the best fishing practices for Southern Bluefin Tuna – and encouraging others to do the same. Small actions make a difference.


Are you familiar with iki jime humane fish-killing practices?


Do you have the right fishing gear to catch big fish and is it in good condition?


Will the fish you release have the best chance to survive?


Are you leaving the fish in the water when possible, and handling it with care?


Do you know how to make the most of the meat you harvest and not waste the fish?
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Become a Tuna Champ - Take the tuna Pledge

I do solemnly swear to catch, handle, keep or release southern bluefin tuna as safely and humanely as possible – and to prepare it well, so no fish is wasted.


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what people are saying about Tuna Champions…

“With the help of the Tuna Champion movement, competitions are moving from whole-fish weigh-ins to gill gutted. We’re seeing a real change in how people bring in the fish, including how much ice they take on their boat.”

John Johnstone, Owner, Portland Bait & Tackle

“In support of the Tuna Champion program, a ‘Tag and Release’ category has been introduced to the month-long Hooked On Tuna competition for 2019. This program encourages recreational fishers to respect SBT and adopt ways to fish better with minimum waste. In recognition of this, competition rules are now aligned with best practice fishing of the SBT, with all fish presented at weigh-in mandated to be gutted, gilled and bled to avoid wastage.”

Michael Cottee, Tourism and Events Manager, Glenelg Shire Council


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